Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ashley p Strong its not the best but i tryed so im proud

my life

yeah we all got family issues just so happens your father likes to hit you
ha well bitch mine did to
your mom ever tell you she wished she wouldve aborted you
or your baby brother wants to know no part of you
yeah well this is the life ive become sercumstancial to
you wished youd neva met me
well bitch i wish i neva wouldve loved you
sometimes at night i wish bad things had happened to me
but then i snap back to reality
the reality that your waitin in the dark to snatch me
but bitch wait you cant have me
its not that i dont like it nasty
its that you dont flatter me
this blood line i got flowin through me is poison
poison to me and my enemy
bitch step back you dont wanna be me
the life i live is hell
so deadly i dont live freely
                                            Ashley p Strong